What’s in my fridge?

As it was grocery shopping day today, I thought it would be the perfect time to show you guys what I normally keep in my fridge.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Water – bottled water takes up the entire top shelf of my fridge. My partner and I drink a lot of water, so I make sure our fridge is always fully stocked.

Almond milk – almond milk is a staple in my fridge as I use it in my smoothie bowls for breakfast each morning.

 Cow’s milk – this is something that we do not often buy  anymore due to me watching heaps of documentaries and YouTube videos about how horrible the dairy industry is. But I needed it for a recipe that I am making this week so I just bought a small carton.



Kiwi fruit
– These are all staples in my fridge as I use them to top my smoothie bowls.

Lemons – I keep these cut up in a container ready for my morning lemon water


Spring onions
Green cabbage
Shittake mushrooms
Iceberg lettuce


I only buy my meat from local independent butchers where I know the meat is grass-fed, raised humanely, chemical and hormone free and locally grown. I don’t eat as much meat as I used to as I am slowly trying to cut it out of my diet.
This week the meat in my fridge is-
Chicken breast
Beef mince
Atlantic salmon


Coconut yoghurt – technically this isn’t a dairy item as it is made from coconut milk, not cow’s milk. I find the coconut flavour very strong and can’t eat it by itself, so I just use it in my smoothies.

Soy yoghurt – this is also a dairy free yoghurt. I only bought it today for the first time, so I have not tasted it yet. Hopefully it tastes good!


Organic vanilla bean yoghurt – This is my partners favourite yoghurt. I too enjoy it, but I try to stick to dairy free yoghurt now.

Cheese – I do not eat a lot of cheese anymore, but my partner loves it so I always have some slices in the fridge.

Nuttelex – technically not a dairy item either, but I thought I would include it in this section anyway as it is kind of similar.

And everything else…

Eggs – I freaking love eggs! I have chickens so I am lucky to have fresh, free-range eggs everyday.

Mayonnaise – not an item I use a lot, but it is handy to have for certain recipes.

Garlic – sometimes I am too lazy to chop fresh garlic so I like to have some crushed garlic in a jar on hand.

Lemongrass – I am also too lazy to chop lemongrass, so having it in a tube is super handy!

Red curry paste

Green curry paste

Kaffir lime leaves

And that’s it! These aren’t the items I always keep in my fridge. It changes each week depending on what we are eating for that week.

I did not take a photo of my freezer as it does no matter how much I try to organise it, it still never looks good. But it basically just includes a heap of frozen fruit, vegetables, ice-cream and a small amount of meat.

I recently purchased these fridge containers from Kmart, so cheap and they make my fridge look super neat and organised!



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