How to: become a morning workout person

I love working out first thing in the morning for a few different reasons:

1. It gets exercise out of the way before I have time to think of a million excuses to not workout.

2. After an early morning workout, it makes me feel amazing and energized for the rest of the day

3. There are sooo many less people at the gym early in the morning, compared to in the evening. I hate working out in a super busy gym, so this is a big reason why I love to workout early!

I am lucky to be a morning person (well, most of the time), but I know most of you out there aren’t morning people. So I’m here to help! I have compiled a few tips to make to make it a little easier for you to wake up early each morning and smash your workout!


1. Don’t eat too late at night. Try to eat dinner at least two hours before bedtime so your body has time to fully digest the food so you can get a restful sleep. And, skip the dessert.

2. Get plenty of ZZZ’s.  Aim for eight hours of shut-eye per night. If you’re not going to bed til 1am each night, you definitely won’t have the motivation and energy levels to get up when that 5:30am alarm goes off. If you struggle falling asleep, put your phone down and read a book for an hour before bed time instead. Reading a book before bedtime always makes me sleepy.

3. Lay your workout clothes out and pack your gym bag the night before. The last thing you feel like doing as soon as you have woken up is picking out an outfit and finding all the items you need to pack in your gym bag, so this tip will definitely make your life a little easier.

4. Schedule the heat to turn on early. A warm, toasty house will certainly make it easier to get out of bed early, especially with the winter months coming up.

5.  Set an extra alarm 10 minutes before the time you want to wake up so you can enjoy a little more sleep and mentally prepare yourself to get up out of bed.

6. Make a workout date with a friend. Getting out of bed will be a little easier knowing your bestie is waiting for you. It’s a great way to keep yourself accountable, because you wouldn’t want to bail on your friend, right?

7. Plan and prep your breakfast. On the mornings that I workout, I have a snack (usually a banana) beforehand and then a big nutritious breakfast (smoothie bowl) when I get home. I prep my smoothie the night before to save time in the morning. I place a banana, big handful of frozen mixed berries, frozen mango, acai berry powder and almond milk in my NutriBullet cup and place it in the fridge. Then all I have to do in the morning is blend it for few seconds, pour in to a bowl and top with granola and heaps of fresh berries.

8.  Drink water as soon as you wake up. This will replenish the water your body lost while you were asleep, fire up your metabolism and give you brain fuel. I loveee a huge glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice in the morning.

9. Create a workout schedule. Plan the days, times and type of exercises you are going to do for the week/fortnight/month. Type it up, print it out and stick it somewhere where you can see it from your bed. Seeing it all written down will make it easier to stick to.

10. Don’t go to sleep too late or sleep in too much on the weekend. You’ll reverse all the good behavior you did throughout the week. On the weekend I may go to bed an hour or two later, but never any later as I know it will ruin my sleeping pattern. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, I naturally wake up an hour or two after my usual weekday alarm of 5:30am but sometimes I will set my alarm for 7:30am just to ensure I don’t oversleep.

11. Remember your goals! Remind yourself why you’re doing this. Whatever your fitness goal may be, if it is truly important to you, that will be enough motivation for you to get up and workout. If your goal is to lose weight, set the background on your phone to a person that inspires you. You could also use a motivating quote. That way when your alarm goes off in the morning, that person or quote that inspires you will be the first thing you see. Every workout gets you one step closer to achieving your goal!


The first week will be hard, but I promise you each week will get a little easier. Once you have stuck to your new routine for a few months it will feel like second nature. That feeling you have after finishing your workout is better than it feels to sleep an extra hour.



One thought on “How to: become a morning workout person

  1. Meïtha says:

    The energy that I have after going to the gym in the morning is amazing OMG ! I totally agree with you, I’ll use some of yours tips .THANK YOUUU 😘


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