4 Fitness YouTubers worth subscribing to

Here are my top 4 fitness YouTuber’s.



With almost one million subscribers, Scott Herman is one of the biggest fitness experts on YouTube. Scott has heaps of experience in the fitness industry as he started working at Gold’s Gym at just 14 years old and become a qualified personal trainer at 18 years old. He posts a wide range of videos such as exercise technique, workouts, nutrition advice, transformation challenges and even the occasional vlog. If you’re a gym newbie, I would definitely recommend subscribing to Scott as his workout videos and very informative and even include the number of reps, sets and rest periods you should be doing.

Nikki Blackketter


Ever since I accidentally stumbled on Nikki Blacketter’s channel last year, I have been absolutely obsessed. Nikki is a bikini competitor, online fitness coach and Gymshark athlete. Not only does Nikki have a banging bod’, but she also has a motivating and bubbly personality. She posts a tonne of workout videos on her channel as well as entertaining vlogs. I love love love Nikki!

Omar Isuf


With almost half a million subscribers, Omar Isuf is another super popular fitness YouTuber. Omar is a personal trainer, nutritionist and strength athlete. Omar has an amazing channel which focuses on in-depth exercise form, workouts, nutrition and supplement information plus much, much more. Whether you are just starting out in the gym or have been lifting for years, Omar will definitely motivate, inform and inspire you!

Jazmine Garcia


Jazmine Garcia seems to be underrated as a Fitness YouTuber but has an amazing channel which focuses on fitness vlogs. Her vlogs are very  entertaining and contain her workouts, what she eats in a day and her travel adventures. Although she is young (21) and has only been lifting for a couple of years, she is very knowledgeable and passionate about bodybuilding and powerlifting. Jazmine is super cool and down to earth, and I feel like she is definitely someone I would get along with in real life.

If you have any favourite fitness YouTuber’s you suggest I check out, please leave a comment 🙂




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