12 ways to use coconut oil on your hair and skin


Face and body scrub

-To make your own face and body scrub mix coconut oil with sugar. Try it a few times a week and you’ll notice your skin feeling so much softer and smoother.

Cuticle oil

-Rub coconut oil into your cracked cuticles to hydrate them.

Make up remover

– Coconut oil makes a super cheap make up remover. It even works with waterproof eye make up!

Massage oil

– Using coconut oil as a massage oil will leave your skin feeling seriously soft and smooth!

Shaving cream

ย – Replace your regular shaving cream for coconut oil. Not only will you be avoiding the nasty chemicals in shaving cream, but your skin will beย extraย moisturised.

Stretch mark cream

-Applying coconut oil to the skin can reduce the appearance of stretch marks as well as prevent new stretch marks. Apply to affected areas twice daily.


– This is one I recently learnt from my friend Erin. Coconut oil contains natural antifungal properties which can help reduce the risk of infections. It’s cheaper than normal lube and smells better too!

Body lotion

-Apply coconut oil all over your body after showering for soft, delicious smelling skin.

Face mask

-Mix together 1tsp of coconut oil with 1tsp of honey for the most amazing smelling face mask ever.

Lip balm

-Apply coconut oil to your lips multiple times per day to hydrate chapped lips.

Hair serum

-Apply a small amount to your hair to tame flyaways and leave your hair feeling and looking soft and shiny.

Eye cream

-Apply coconut oil on the area under your eyes daily to prevent wrinkles and under eye bags.








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