Healthy snack ideas

Thinking of ideas for healthy snacks can be hard so I have come up with a little list for you guys.


All types of fruit make great snacks. Bananas, apples, oranges, mangoes, berries and grapes are tasty, healthy, easy on the go snacks.


Plain yoghurt is great, but it’s even better with mixed berries and a drizzle of honey. You could even add some granola to add some crunch to your snack. Just be careful when shopping for yoghurts, as many haveย a lotย of added sugar.


Green smoothies, banana & chia smoothies, mixed berry smoothies… the list is endless!


Wholegrain rice cakes

There are literally hundreds of toppings you can add to rice cakes. Peanut butter and sliced banana is my fave combo!


Apple slices with peanut butter

It doesn’t have to be peanut butter, you can use any nut butter. Celery sticks with peanut butter are also a good combo.



A tasty, crunchy snack full of good fats. Nuts are high in calories so I would only recommend only having a small handful per day. Be sure to buy unsalted nuts as the salted varities are covered with processed table salt. If you like your nuts salty, simply add your own salt. Pink Himalayan rock salt is my favourite salt!



Popcorn is actually healthy. It’s the large amount of oil, butter and salt that make it unhealthy. Next time you have a movie night, pop some popcorn (NOT the microwave variety), add a sprinkle of pink Himalayan rock salt and you have a delicious, salty, healthy snack.


‘Nice’ cream

Simply peel, chop and freeze a banana or two, blend and you will have a yummy, cold ice-cream consistency treat. You can eat it plain or add mix-ins such as cacao, vanilla bean, berries, nut butters, coconut… anything really!


Hard boiled eggs

If you like eggs this is a easy, healthy, inexpensive snack. Just add a little bit of salt to give them some extra flavour.



2 thoughts on “Healthy snack ideas

  1. romamehta says:

    Love this. It’s so helpful, especially since I’ve been looking for ways to get healthy now that spring is approaching. Great post xoxo
    I hope you can give my blog a look. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just posted about a nature walk I went on and it was so relaxing. Let me know what you think!

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