25 things I have learned in 25 years

Hi lovelies, I hope you’ve been doing well.

Tomorrow is my 25th birthday!

Within the quarter of a century that I have been alive for, so many great things have happened in my life, and of course some not so great things, but I am grateful for everything that has happened as it has shaped me in to the person I am today.

Here are 25 things that I have learned in 25 years:

1. If you want something, ask. People aren’t mind readers.

2. Staying in can be just as much fun as going out.

3. Learn to love yourself before getting in to a relationship.

4. It is okay if you are not in a relationship, even if everyone around you is settling down. Do not settle just because you think you should.

5. It’s not worth hanging on to clothes “just in case they fit”.

6. It’s okay to not be okay.

7. Being in nature is good for the soul.

8. Time heals (most) wounds.

9. Each person that you have encountered with in your life has played some type of role which you have grown as a person.

10. Do not stress over situations in your life that you have no control over.

11. Do not compare your life to other people’s life. You will never be happy.

12. Do not invest too much time of your life in social media.

13. Take care of your body. Exercise and eat nutrient-rich foods everyday.

14. Always remove your makeup before bed.

15. Who you were at 20 doesn’t define who you are at 25.

16. Mum really does know best.

17. Take a lot of photos.

18. That $100 speeding ticket is not worth getting somewhere 5 minutes earlier.

 19. Back up all important photos and documents on your computer/phone.

20. YOU are responsible for your own happiness.

21. Relationships are nothing like they are in movies.

22. People change.

23. Read the washing instructions on clothing. Especially expensive clothing!

24. There’s no such thing as perfection.

25. Everything happens for a reason



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