5 steps to de-clutter your kitchen

We spend a lot of time the kitchen, so it’s important to keep it clutter-free. Research shows that people who live in cluttered environment are more prone to experience anxiousness, guilt and depression as a direct result of the amount of clutter.

Here are a few tips that have helped me de-clutter my kitchen.

1. Keep your bench tops cleared

This simple step will make a world of a difference to your kitchen! Start at one end of your bench top and remove any appliances, utensils and other items that you do not use on a daily basis.


Image via Pinterest

2. Clean out pantry and fridge

Go through your pantry and fridge and remove absolutely everything, and give all the shelves a good clean. As you’re putting the items back in, check use by dates and also throw out any items that you have had in there a long time and know you’re never going to end up eating. Have designated areas for each type of food, e.g. keep all baking supplies together, keep all condiments together, etc. I hate the look of food packaging as I find it looks untidy, so I keep most of my food in glass jars or canisters. I recently purchased 50 mini glass jars from my local dollar store, which I know keep all my herbs, spices, seeds and baking powders in. I also purchased 25 glass canisters from Kmart which I store my flours, sugars, oats, granola, nuts, cacao and snacks in.

3. Get rid of things you don’t need/use anymore

Go through every single drawer and cupboard and decide which items you no longer need or use. When I did this to my untensil drawer, I found I had doubles of a lot of gadgets which I really only need one of, so in the bin they went. Also throw away any chipped dinnerware.

4.ย Declutter your cook book collection

We often tend to get a large collection of cook books that we rarely even use. If you haven’t opened a book in years, it’s probably time you got rid of it. If you’re keeping a book for just one or two recipes, photocopy the recipe and pass the book on.

5. Do not let junk mail enter your kitchen

Catalogues and flyers often pile up in the kitchen, and can look very messy. The best way to avoid this is to not let it enter the kitchen. When you get your mail from the letterbox, walk past the rubbish bin and throw it out. Even consider placing a ‘No Junk Mail’ sticker to your letterbox. If there are certain stores that you like to see their weekly specials, jump online and view their catalogue.


Image via Pinterest

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